How to Build and Grow Your Online Business

//How to Build and Grow Your Online Business

How to Build and Grow Your Online Business

growing online business, laptop animationIf you started your own online business or ordered a website for your offline business, you need to know the basics on how to make it grow.

E-Business (or e-Commerce) sphere grows very fast. Having online (website and social media) presence is becoming a standard.

With this standard, you need to work a lot to outrank your competition.

Here, we will tell you, how to build and grow your online business using a digital marketing strategy.

What is Digital Marketing

So, let’s start. First, let us tell you, what the digital marketing is.

Digital marketing consists of several parts. The major ones are SEM, SEO and SMM. To grow your online business, you need a digital marketing strategy that has all the three elements. Check the five steps to create your online marketing strategy below.

5 Steps to Create Your Online Marketing Plan

Before creating your strategy, you need to answer do these steps:

  1. What is your target audience (age, location, gender, interests …). Best way to define it is using the so-called buyer personas. It will help you to think how your target audience thinks, which leads to right offers.
  2. Choose your goals. You can be very efficient in doing something, but without having defined goals, you will not succeed. Remember, the goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). Here are some examples: increase the number of monthly website visitors from Switzerland by 100% in a year, increase revenue by 50% until October 2018…
  3. Choose the promotion channels. Where can you find your audience? What kind of websites and social media are they using?
  4. Choose the content types relevant to your target audience. Do they like watching videos, do they like infographics, are they businesspersons or workers?
  5. Create a content marketing plan based on the above answers. Plan on types of content, frequency of new content publication and means of online marketing you will use.

You should also conduct a full keyword analysis to find the most relevant and the least competitive keywords and key phrases for your business, create a website structure based on them. Also, the content plan depends on the keywords you found in your research.

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Further Steps to Grow Your Online BusinessOnline shops, growing business online, animation

Now, you have a ready digital marketing plan. It is time to do the steps you stated in it. In your marketing plan, the actions are more general. In reality, here is what you need to do weekly:

SEO + Copywriting

  1. Research of a narrow group of keywords for a particular post.
  2. Writing the post (posts that rank in the top Google results are mostly 1000-2000 words long, some are even longer). Remember that you should provide your audience with useful, interesting and relevant to them information that you didn’t copy from somebody else.
  3. Share your content on social media, blog directories, Q&A’s, forums, and any other place, where you can find your target audience (but remember, no spam!).
  4. Reach out companies, blogs, influencers for collaboration opportunities and link building.
  5. Writing guest posts for relevant blogs/websites to get a backlink.

All these actions take on average 20 hours per week.


  1. Regularly write social media posts (creating graphics for them) with useful and interesting information (not only promotional) for your target audience
  2. Communicate and engage with your audience
  3. Communicate with influencers in your field that could recommend you to their followers if they like what you do.

These actions usually take around 15 hours per week, but it can vary.


One-time activities:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Creating a campaign on Google AdWords with around 10 ad groups, 20 ads and 50-100 keywords in each
  3. Adding negative keywords

All this takes about 20 hours.

Repeated activities:

  1. Checking search terms, on which people see your ads
  2. Adding irrelevant keywords as negative keywords
  3. Adding new ads and deleting most expensive and less relevant keywords

These activities would take you around 15 hours weekly.

Other parts of digital marketing that are also important, but we didn’t mention them are email marketing, contests on social media and your website, looking for earning opportunities (ways to make more money on your blog/website), chat bots, and much more.

Summing up, to manage a digital marketing strategy, you need at least 50 hours weekly. And, it is just online marketing. You might want to spend some time for an offline one, and… do business. Sell, search for customers, look for employees and so on.

It is 50 hours in case if you know how to do it. To learn digital marketing to be a professional, you need at least a couple of years of hard work, online courses and books.

If you don’t want to waste so much time on that, but realize how important is digital marketing for growth of your online business, let us do all the hard work.

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