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Why Online Marketing is important for you

Online Marketing is the most immediate method to reach new customers. Over the last years, more and more people have consumed all kind of online information. It is a full shift from analogue to digital. Consequently it is on the Internet where you are going to find the most consumers of your products and services.

Netfe, with its specialists in Internet Advertising and Communication, can help you grow your business systematically,  by designing custom Online Marketing strategy for your goals.

Main reasons to choose us as your Online Marketing Experts:

  • Plenty of growth options for small businesses

  • Higher conversion rates, better ROI, cost effective

  • Closer relationship with your customers

  • Get found on mobile devices

As a result we will consider all of them, while creating an Online Marketing Plan specific to your needs.

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Netfe – Your Online Marketing Pro

Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

We will create your marketing plan including optimization of your website and specifc SEO strategy with content creation, email outreach, link-building and publication of posts about your business on autoritative websites.

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Search Engines Marketing (SEM)

Starting with your business offer, we will perform an in-depth competitor analysis, keywords research and create an SEM/PPC campaign on Google Adwords to make the most efficient use of your online marketing money.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A solution where we setup your presence on Social Media and post at regular intervals fresh content to engage with your users. We can either take your content or produce on your behalf with reporting and messages tracking.

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Virtual Press Office

This is the Netfe propietary solution combining your new or redesigned website, together with Search Engines and Social Media Management. It is an All-Inclusive Online Media Kit where you delegate your public relations management to us.

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Typical Workflow of Our Online Marketing Activities


We learn about your website, business, audience and competitors, analyze search terms and develop an efficient strategy.

Set Up

Our team arranges and manages PPC campaigns, runs on-site and off-site SEO, as well as pays due attention to social media and public relations.


We thoroughly track and analyze click-through-rate, cost-per-click, leads, sales and campaign revenue; study SEO impact on your ranking position.


There is always a room for creativity and improvement. We keep a close eye on the received results and constantly improve our activities to get far better outcome.


After tweaking and enhancing campaigns and SEO activities, we set up the process up and running again to boost your online presence and get more target traffic.

Why Netfe Is Your Ideal Internet Marketing Partner

  • We are proven Online Marketing Pros based in Zurich, Switzerland

  • In today’s market, local and international presence is extremely important: we understand the importance of true multilingual communication.

  • Netfe is a boutique agency. This means that we will spend time to really understand your business and to find the team members with exactly the skills that you need; either within our company or our network of experts.

  • We are ready to align our revenue with the results of the ad campaigns we create for you. Is there anybody else who does that?

  • You can entrust all Internet Marketing tasks to one experienced and reliable team member: us!

    Netfe will take care of all technical aspects.

  • By using our application for managing projects, you will have – all the time – full control over activities and constant reporting.

  • Netfe, in line to its commitment towards client satisfaction and transparency, offers disconnection package options without data loss.

Our Pricing Offer

On our Store pages you can find the standard offers. Of course we will make a specific offer for your case.

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Case Studies

Some of our online marketing results you can find in these case studies.

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Marketing FAQ

Some frequently asked questions specific to Internet Marketing collected for you.

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Here Is What Our Happy Clients Say

Netfe has helped us a lot during setup of our SPA Startup. They lead us during all phases related to creation of our e-Commerce solution, which has completely boosted our business. Netfe consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic as well as a dedication to success. I would have no doubt in working with Netfe again in the future.

Nelfa Mora Carrasco, Owner Beauty Guard SPA

The designer and the website developer at Netfe took us from the first draft of our website until production. They took care of all the technical issues leaving us free to focus on our Business. The whole process was straightforward. We certainly recommend working with Netfe.