Incredible Importance of SEO for Your Business You Should Know

//Incredible Importance of SEO for Your Business You Should Know

Incredible Importance of SEO for Your Business You Should Know

Incredible importance of SEO for your business, article logoEver wondered what SEO is, and why so many people talk about it recently?

Hesitating if you need that and what is the importance of SEO for your business?

Search Engine Optimization is indeed a very important activity to succeed in your venture.

Here, we will uncover all secret benefits and importance of SEO for your business, either small or big. Read them and use this knowledge at a full!

In the infographics below, you can see the parts of SEO and importance of it for your business:

Importance of SEO for your business, infographics

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What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a set of activities to improve your website rankings and develop your online business (or just online presence of your offline business). This development is measured in the number of conversions, client retention rate, income growth and cost reduction (you won’t get fed just by the number of people visiting your site).

Nowadays, with the improved algorithms of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, SEO became a very complex (yet, even more important for your business) and interconnected with SEM, SMM and other digital marketing activities.

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Elements of SEO

Just a few words about what the SEO is. Here are the 4 main ‘parts’ of Search Engine Optimization:

  • On-page SEO. Surprisingly, many people think that it is the whole SEO work. You just write a nice post that the people will find useful and/or interesting including a bunch of keywords here and there.

    Not even close!

    On-page SEO is just one of the 4 parts of Search Engine Optimization. While keywords are one of the least important factors of on-page optimization out of dozens like titles, time spent on site, number of clicks on other pages and muuuch more.

  • Technical SEO. One of the most difficult parts of website optimization. While many people can do on-page SEO and even, create a website (not really professional, but still…), only real specialists can do technical SEO.

    Some of the parts of it are website and link structure, meta tags, no-follow and do-follow links, usability, indexability, page load speed, HTML/CSS/JS code optimization and many other factors.

  • Off-page SEO. Another very difficult, but very important part of Search Engine Optimization. It is almost impossible to predict results of your work or estimate how much time some task will take.

    Having done a great work at the first two elements of SEO, you might not notice any traffic on your page for half a year or more. This is because there is no way to find you.

    Off-page SEO includes SMM (Social Media Marketing), so that people could find you on Facebook or Twitter, link building, communication with subscribers, other professionals and businesses.

    One of most important parts of it is link building. It is a long process of approaching companies in your field to write guest posts for them, collaborate in some way or just ask them to link to your very useful post, so that you get higher in Search Engines, and people will start visiting your site.

    This part usually takes the most time. Being active on forums, Q&As, blogs, social media, sharing your posts on blog directories, writing posts for other websites to get a backlink… This is a lot of work, but this SEO work is vitally important for your business.

  • Local SEO. This activity is not essential; you can avoid it if you have an online business ordering online services for the whole world. Nevertheless, even in this case, we recommend you to do it. Choose your target audience and location, and do some Local SEO work to approach them and make them see your business’ website before your competition.

    As you know, if you run after two hares, you won’t catch neither (in your case, its 7 billion ‘hares’).

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SEO optimization on the newspaperAdvantages and Importance of SEO for your Business

Here is why SEO is so important:

  1. It brings target audience to your site. After several months of effective SEO work, you can expect thousands of people searching for your product or service visiting your site from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
    People seeing your last post or product offer on Facebook might be not the target audience, but just people that just saw your post on their timeline. Well, social media also try to find the most appropriate information that you will like, so that you could stay longer on their websites.
    However, in case of search engines, people search for some particular information with a particular intent (find out some particular information, read product description or reviews, compare services of different companies or maybe buy a particular product). That is why the traffic from Google is more valuable for your business than the one coming from social media.
  2. You don’t pay for advertising. This is a great advantage of SEO. You need to do some work or order services to do SEM or SMM for your site, and then pay for advertising. In case of SEO, you just pay for the SEO work, and then get your results without paying for advertising.
  3. It lasts long. Once having created a great SEO optimized content that people enjoy reading, having shared it on social media and having done some link building for it, you will enjoy the benefits of long-term SEO effects for your business. Once your post is at the top of Google rankings, you can forget about optimizing it, you can take a Margarita cocktail on Hawaii and enjoy the benefits of passive income thanks to SEO efforts.
  4. It brings more traffic and money. Another great benefit of SEO for your business is that on the long term, it brings much more traffic than social media, email newsletter and any other sources. As the traffic coming in is the most targeted traffic, the conversion rate and money you get from it will be much higher.
  5. It makes you an expert. When people often see you on the first positions of search, they start regarding you as the best professional in the field, so they start trusting you more, and then order your products and services!

It was our full overview of the parts of SEO, as well as benefits and importance of Search Engine optimization for your business. Now, you shouldn’t doubt that you need SEO work for your website, and to maximize effect, order the real professionals to do it.

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