How to choose the best SEO company for you: 5 Simple Steps

//How to choose the best SEO company for you: 5 Simple Steps

How to choose the best SEO company for you: 5 Simple Steps

Do you have a website or a blog?

Then you definitely need a professional SEO company to improve its search engine rankings.

For most of the websites, traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines is >60-70% of the total traffic. It is also the most valuable traffic coming from the target audience if the SEO is done properly.

That is why, it is so important to choose the right SEO agency to manage your digital marketing campaign. But how can you choose a company to do something you don’t understand?

Here, we will explain you, how to choose the best SEO company.

Lies of most SEO Companies

First, let’s start with some popular lies of SEO companies that you should never believe.

Will Make You Rank First in a Week

Visiting the sites of many SEO companies, you will see promises about making your website rank #1 in a week, or increase your traffic by 100% in a month…

They lie!

Nobody can guarantee you that. SEO is a long and strategic process, the rankings are gained slowly. There are some ways to boost your rankings in a week, and you become number 1 for a particular search query for an hour or two, but you will quickly lose your position. Moreover, techniques used to make you rank high so fast are mostly black hat SEO techniques that will only harm your site on the long term.

Some of the top SEO specialists from Ahrefs have conducted a study on how much time a site needs to rank high (it is a very popular questions of both our and Ahrefs’ clients).

The study revealed that a website needs an average of 6 months of active and consistent SEO work after its creation to rank on the first page on its top search terms. Less efficient companies or those in a very competitive environment need more…

We Know the Secret of Ranking High

Some SEO companies claim that they know some secrets or techniques that nobody else knows that will skyrocket your rankings.

They lie!

Yes, there are no open rules of SEO. Search Engine Optimization weren’t created by search engines, but by particular companies and people. Google and Bing conceal most of the factors of ranking high, as they want to serve regular people with the best content, not the content stuffed with keywords and created for search engines, instead of people.

Still, there are studies conducted by SEO companies like Ahrefs, Moz and others to find out the most valuable factors of ranking high. So, if one company finds a new factor, say, in a new Google algorithm, there will be several others that will reveal it too.

Lists of Top SEO Companies

You cannot fully trust a company giving reviews about themselves, as they want to sell their services to you. So, you search for some independent review sites, and you encounter Top 10 SEO Companies list…

It lies!

Most of such lists of best of the best get money from those companies ‘ranking’ first or second. So, the ‘unbiased’ opinion will be even more biased than the one on the SEO companies’ sites.

So, how you actually choose a good SEO company?

5 Steps on How to Choose an SEO Company

As you see, the most obvious methods and things to look at when choosing a good SEO agency are not the best ways for that. Here what you should do.

5 steps to choose the best seo company, infographic

Define Your Goals

Before choosing the Digital Marketing agency, you need to define your main goals. What exactly you need. And remember, your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely).

Bad goal is ‘more traffic’ or ‘more conversions’. A good one is to ‘achieve 300 daily visitors within 4 months’ or ‘increase number of monthly conversions by 50% in 3 months’. Some SEO agencies have their specializations, so you might want to choose the one that is best at what you need the most.

Check Their Website

The SEO agency’s website can define their digital marketing skills. If the website has a clear design, it is easy to navigate in, the structure is transparent and you find the page you need right away? Then, it is a good site. And, you should consider ordering their services, if… they fulfil the following criteria too.

Check Their SEO

As you are choosing the best SEO agency, they should have the most SEO-optimized site. You don’t need to understand too much of Search Engine Optimization to find it out.

SEO is not about keywords, it consists of hundreds of different factors to make the visitor stay at the page longer, visit other pages, and increase the number of conversions (can be sales or newsletter signups).

To check that, simply open their website and do whatever you would do anyway. Do you subconsciously want to click their ‘Check our pricing’ button, visit some other pages or leave the website right away? These subconscious actions say a lot about how professional the SEO specialists of the company are.

Read the Reviews and Results

… if they have them.

Every well-established SEO company should have positive reviews and results published on their website. Not always the reviews are real, only the companies have access to their website, so they can post whatever they like. In most of the cases, you will recognize a false review, but be careful and don’t trust everything you read.

Another measure are results and case studies. They show not what the company promises, but what it really did for its clients. The results also should look real, because the SEO agency can easily put the fake ones.

Is the Offer Clear

Check the offer of the SEO agency. They should have it on their site. Some companies hide that, and only let you contact them to get the pricing.

A good company doesn’t have anything to hide. Clear activities, results and prices are some of the most important measures of trustworthiness.

Here, at Netfe, we give you all that. We are a well-established Swiss Digital Marketing company offering a wide range of services like web-development, SEM, SMM, Copywriting, Translations and, of course, SEO.

Netfe is the best choice of a SEO company suitable for you!

Check our transparent offer and order digital marketing services from the top specialists in this field now.

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