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4 different Marketing Case Studies

Creating a Website, managing SEO and SEM Campaigns of a Wedding Photographer

This is data from Google Analytics from one of our clients. It was a website of a photographer of weddings, families and children.

She had a badly structured website, so we have created a new one in the beginning of March 2017, nicer, more optimized, and easy to navigate.

After setting up and managing her SEO and SEM campaigns, the number of visitors nearly doubled in a couple of months, the number of returning visitors became over 60%, time spent on site almost reached 5 minutes!

All of it helped her to have 3 times more orders than before.

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Creating a Website, Managing SEO, SEM and SMM Campaigns of a Travel Website

In March 2017, one company has ordered us to create a website and manage its digital marketing campaign (SEM, SEO and SMM).

We have created the website within a month, and by the beginning of April 2017, the digital marketing campaign was set up along with 7 social media accounts.

During the 5 months of management, we have managed to grow the number of visitors to 400 daily and lower the cost per click (Google AdWords) from 13 to 1 cent (!) at the most relevant search terms with less than 10% of irrelevant traffic.

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Setting up and Managing an Internet Marketing Campaign (SEO and SEM) of a Law Firm

A Law Firm had too low number of clients, so we started an Internet Marketing Campaign for their website.

First, we have created several landing pages on their website and made them bring more conversions (buttons, calls to action and much more).

After making some technical and on-page SEO changes, we started a SEM campaign that together with improved SEO brought 800% more visitors and 400% more conversions, which brought them an immediate 200% return on investment with an increasing number of repeating clients.

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Results of SEO in Google Analytics

Setting up and Managing SEO, SEM and SMM for a Company Selling Lottery Tickets Online

For a month after creation, a website selling lottery tickets online had almost no visitors, so they asked us to fix it.

We have performed an SEO audit, made necessary changes, created a digital marketing strategy, set up SEO, SEM and SMM campaigns, created an eBook for their visitors to download free if they provide their email address (to increase email subscription rate).

During the next month, the number of daily visitors reached 150, and continued to grow along with the conversion rate, email subscriptions and number of visited pages per user. We still work with them to increase their income.

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