5 Types of Personal Blogs and Why You Need One

//5 Types of Personal Blogs and Why You Need One

5 Types of Personal Blogs and Why You Need One

A recent trend is that almost every specialist and individual has his own personal blog that helps him to find a job, write about his interests, and earn money.

But, what should you write about? What should be the goal and the type of your individual blog?

We will answer these and many other questions further.

Why You Need a Personal Blog

You get many advantages from having your personal website. Your own blog may be a great source of passive income and a way to find new clients or employers.

Here is a list of advantages of a personal blog:

  • You own your personal space in the web
  • You can share your thoughts and knowledge with others
  • You can find a job or new clients
  • You create your personal online brand
  • You can earn passive income and get free goods just because people read you

Further are the types of individual blogs that you can choose from.

Types of Personal Blogs

There are different kinds of blogs and websites that you can create for your personal needs. Choosing one can be a difficult task that takes a lot of time and research. We will make everything simpler for you. Here we go!

Specialist Personal Blog

If you are a specialist searching for a job or willing to have a nice portfolio website to have more exposure and look more professional, a specialist personal blog is for you. You can be a marketing or SEO specialist, a project manager or an IT expert working on different projects in different companies.

If you want to get more job offers with higher salaries proposed, the professional social networks like LinkedIn or its local analogs won’t be enough for you. You need something more professional… Something worth a specialist… A specialist personal blog.

Here is a great example of a project manager blog. Creating a proper blog also makes you look more ‘expensive’, so the companies are willing to pay more. And, the small investments in your own blog pay off very fast.

Lifestyle Blog

A kind of blogs that has become very popular in the last years. The number of them increases very fast. It is a website, where people write their everyday stories in absolutely different topics. It is more than a public diary. It is a series of interesting posts on different subjects and may not be of chronological order.

For some of the best lifestyle blogs check here:

You can find the topics that you like most of all. You can also start with just one topic and then start writing about something different.

The goal of such personal blogs can be just a passion to writing or a willing to start earning a passive income in a couple of years to quit your job and do something that you like most of all.

Niche Blog

If you like one particular subject a lot, you might enjoy writing solely about it. You can be a very good professional in marketing, and start writing posts about the main concepts and principles of it. If you are an IT specialist, you could start helping people to learn programming languages.

You can also devote your personal niche blog to your hobby and write about fashion, your trips, food inspirations or anything else.

Here are the types of niche blogs (with links to some of the best examples):

If you are a very good at some particular topic, people will be willing to ask your opinion. If the knowledge you give is very valuable, they may be willing to pay for it, so here is how you earn the money. Other ways are ad banners, affiliate links, paid posts and much more.

Collaboration Blog

You don’t even need to write posts for your blog. The famous marketing specialist Neil Patel grew his KISSMetrics blog to 400,000 monthly visitors just by using guest posts. It is just one of his successes.

You can also do so. As soon as you have a well-designed website or personal blog, people will be willing to appear there with their ideas, give you great content for free or even  pay for being featured on your blog.

Product Blog

If you have some particular product or service to sell, you can create a blog around it. It is a great way to give it more exposure and help to increase sales. Of course, you shouldn’t only write about how good your product is. Choose a small range of relevant topics and create great content, so that people will read and share it.


It was our overview of 5 types of personal blogs and why you need one. Having your own blog has many benefits, but creating one and making it popular can be very difficult.

Fortunately, we can help you with it! Simply contact us and tell us about your needs. You will have a well-designed personal blog in a few weeks ready to help you grow and earn money.

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