Why the Internationalization process is important for you

Netfe consultants will consider your present business and propose an innovative way to internationalize and achieve your global goals. Below you can find a list of reasons on why you can consider expanding your business and make it available worldwide:

  • The first and most obvious reason is to expand your market

  • Becoming available in bigger and less saturalted markets

  • Changes in local economy or new laws that can suddenly make your life more complicated

  • A new market can lead to new clients and also to new business partners and suppliers

  • You could even be able to save on taxes

  • To diversify your risks internationally

  • To use Economies of Scale for cheaper mass production

  • To outperform your national or international competitors

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Netfe will help you Internationalize

Multilingual Services

Multilingual Website

We will make your website multilingual by translating it to all of your target languages and using the best techniques to target each of the language versions to the right audience.

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Multilingual Translation

We will translate content of your website or application to other languages and localize the message to make it sound most appealing to your target audience thus increasing conversions.

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Multilingual SEO

We will do all possible activities to make your website rank on the first positions in search engines of your target market by your target keywords in other languages.

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Multilingual Online Marketing

We will target ads and marketing efforts to your target market in the language they speak using the words that work best to promote your business.

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Multilingual Social Media Marketing

We will manage your Social Media in different languages, publish engaging posts relevant to each of the target markets, and communicate to your customers in their language.

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Netfe As Partner To Expand Your Market

Work with Agency Knowing How to Deal with Market Diversity

Global Markets Analysis

We will analyze different markets, where your business could enter. We seize markets’ needs, analyze competition and internationalization opportunities for you to get the highest profit possible.

Internationalization Strategy

We will help you to internationalize your business by going global and offering your products and services to people worldwide in the best way possible

Business Localization

We are supporters of localization strategy, which means that we adapt your message to the market and language specifics, thus marketing your products or services most efficiently.

Management of user requests

Upon request we can take your clients orders or contact requests and deal with them according to your decisions.

Our Full Internationalization Process

1. Select your primary language and location

We can immediately manage requests in following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian.
Other languages upon request.

2. Choose secondary languages and locations

Same languages as in 1.
Other languages upon request.

3. Manage your content

We post content in primary language/location on a website or eCommerce store. Then we publish on Social Media. Online Marketing setup follows.

4. We optimize, translate and implement it for you

All steps taken in part 3. are replicated for all secondary languages and locations adapting to their needs and language specifics.

5. Start of Management phase

After Setup is completed we start the management phase. All activities run until the end of the planned Management contract, usually 1 year.

The Main Reasons To Partner With Us

  • Going to a new market can be a complex operation, it can drain your resources and time. We have already done it, we know how to do it on your behalf at an affordable price

  • We have international experience and specialize in the European and Latin American markets

  • We speak the languages of your prospects in the target regions

  • We either know the rules and regulations of the object countries or we will find local partners

  • We already have local partner in several regions internationally

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Here Is What Our Happy Clients Say

Netfe has helped us a lot during setup of our SPA Startup. They lead us during all phases related to creation of our e-Commerce solution, which has completely boosted our business. Netfe consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic as well as a dedication to success. I would have no doubt in working with Netfe again in the future.

Nelfa Mora Carrasco, Owner Beauty Guard SPA

The designer and the website developer at Netfe took us from the first draft of our website until production. They took care of all the technical issues leaving us free to focus on our Business. The whole process was straightforward. We certainly recommend working with Netfe.