5 Great Benefits of Local SEO to Grow Your Business

//5 Great Benefits of Local SEO to Grow Your Business

5 Great Benefits of Local SEO to Grow Your Business

Local SEO main principles and benefits for business graphicsYou have heard of the term ‘Local SEO’, and want to find out if it is something your business needs and what the benefits of Local SEO are?

You came to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about all advantages of Local SEO, and what kind of businesses need it.

What is Local SEO and who is it for

This term became very widely used among local companies trying to promote their business online.

Having a website, blog or Google Business (or any other) Listing, you want your target audience from your target location to visit it. That is why, the usual SEO is not relevant, and the activities you need to perform are different.

But, Local SEO is not only relevant for businesses conducting their operations exclusively in one place.

For example, customers from France might be more valuable for you than the ones from Germany, because you are able to fill their needs better, or because they are able to pay more money for the same product you sell or service you provide.

In any case, Local SEO is a very useful activity that helps many businesses grow.

Benefits of Local SEO for Your Business

Below you can find 5 great benefits of Local SEO for your business.

Benefits of Local SEO for your business infographic

Increases Search Engine Rankings and Sales

Case 1: Let’s suppose, before starting your Local SEO campaign, you are an exclusively offline company. In this case, you had very limited possibilities to promote your business and sell your products or provide services.

Internet gives great opportunities to do both more easily and efficiently. If you set up your ecommerce store once, you will passively get new orders and spend much less time on sales themselves. Online advertising is a much faster and cheaper than offline one. SEO can even bring you new clients for free!

Case 2: OK, so you already have a website, and maybe you have done some SEO already. Even if you are a great SEO specialist and you did everything right, your website might still attract many irrelevant visitors, who quickly leave the page, which gives signals to search engines that your site is irrelevant to them, thus worsening your positions.

If you do Local SEO instead, you will be able to target only potential customers in the area you serve. When those people visit your page, they will stay there longer, and much more of them will order your products or services. This will let your website grow further in rankings and increase sales even more.

Increase your sales with a help of Local SEO Experts


Helps to Build Your Brand Image

Doing Local SEO gives many opportunities to build your brand image much easier and faster than offline. By blending Social Media Marketing into your Local SEO strategy, you will not only build your brand, but also engage with your potential or existing customers.

You can write product reviews, give useful information relevant to your audience and publish guest posts on other websites thus increasing your brand recognition.

Increases Marketing Efficiency

Understanding Google Adwords Cost Per Click, laptop, local SEO

Internet gave us great opportunities to advertise to people who are most likely to buy our products or services. Without any exaggeration, online advertising is about 100 times cheaper than offline ads.

It means that from $1000 invested in online marketing, you get 100 times more return than from investments in offline marketing.

Local SEO makes it even cheaper for you to advertise to your target audience, as it makes your website more relevant than the websites of your competitors.

Improves Passive Customer Acquisition

After a successful Local SEO campaign, you will be able to get more sales and more customers by doing nothing. When your potential customers will look for products or services you provide, your website will rank on first positions.

Did you know that most of people only open one of the first search results?

Just having a website doesn’t give many advantages, but having done activities to rank it locally, you have opportunities to acquire new customers without any additional work.

It saves your time, money and brings more profits.

Brings Your Business Closer to Your Customers

By being available online, your customers can always contact you and find out details about your business, products or services.

It gives your company some human traits, which is very important in doing business nowadays. Your customers will like this personalized approach and possibility to engage with their favorite local company.

All these benefits for your business are achieved only thanks to Local SEO.

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