New Demo available for SPA Shop

An online shop offers the possibility to structure all your services and dynamically change their prices.

For example you can offer special prices like fidelity programs to long time customers or have special promotions during predefined periods of the year.

Your clients will be able to pay online and so will be also available all invoices. This allows also to have an history for each client.

The Online Shop is visible both on desktop and on mobile devices.

See demo here

New Demo available for a SPA Online Shop

The demo-shop layout has a warm color style recalling water and see. The top menu can show the services you offer and the products you use.

This demo is just an example of course. The website that we would create for you will adapt completely to your style. All the pre-loaded pictures and texts will be replaced you yours. The quality of the pictures is important for the overall quality of the website.

You will have a page for each product, indicating its price and availability. You can also add pictures and video.

It’s also helpful for the client to see a nice description just below the product and – if defined – a list of other services related to the open page.

Each product can be purchased online. You can define if you want to accept credit cards, Paypal or other systems. The client receives a printable invoice.

It is also possible to create a list of Therapists, where each of them can have an individual page. A sort of online curriculum. At the bottom of the page it is possible to list the testimonials and the services provided by the therapist.

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