7 Main Benefits of Social Media Marketing

//7 Main Benefits of Social Media Marketing

7 Main Benefits of Social Media Marketing

SMM is such a popular term nowadays. Social Media Marketing becomes more and more important for businesses in all possible spheres due to the numerous benefits it gives. Even law and medical firms create their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.

We will tell you, why they do it, and what the benefits of social media marketing are.

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (or Management) is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service (source: Wikipedia). It is a list of activities in social media to increase engagement and number of subscribers as future or regular customers of the company.

This is not the only reason to have accounts in social media, and not the only advantage of SMM. There are much more of them, and we will try to cover them in this post.

7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of SMM for your business, infographics

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SMM provides the company with numerous benefits, most of which are closely connected. Here are some of them:

Another Source of New Customers

SMM helps to find people interested in your topic or in your product. Important is not only to tell about your services or products, but also give something valuable to your potential subscribers, so that they feel need in subscribing to your account on social media, and maybe, once using your services.

Way to Get Regular Customers

Once the person used your services and subscribed to you on social media, it will know about all your news, discounts and new products and services that this person might want to use. Regular customers bring much more profit, as you (almost) don’t have to spend more money on getting this customer, while he pays for your services on a regular basis.

Social Media as a Signal of Trust

Before buying something from you, your potential customers might want to check your reviews and social media accounts. When they see your friendly and helpful posts, a big number of subscribers and high engagement with them, they will trust you and buy your services.

Way to Connect with Your Clients

With the help of social media, you can find out the opinion of your clients about you, your products and the way you do business. You can ask, what they suggest to add or change with your product. When you 1) ask them, and 2) implement something they suggested, they would trust you much more, and appreciate the work you do for them (while your profits will grow).

Increasing Brand Awareness

When you publish a great post in your company’s blog, people might want to share it. This way, new people learn about your company, which increases brand awareness. Facebook is a great way for brand marketing. Thousands of the most suitable potential customers (the ones most likely to use your products) will see your product at a very low cost for you.

Another Place to Sell

One of the greatest benefits of Social Media Marketing is a possibility to sell your services right there, on social media. It is an obvious trend in e-commerce and e-business. Some social networks have already launched their in-site online stores, which are much simpler, and much more convenient, so many brands already sell something on Facebook and other SM.

Make your Business More Personal

Another great benefit of social media marketing is that it allows to make the company seem more human-like. Nobody likes to talk to a huge monster with thousands of employees (or even a few, but it is still a company).

In social media, you have the opportunity to speak to your audience on the same level, be like them and maybe tell some funny stories from your office to show that you are also regular people, and you don’t have the only goal to make profit (which, probably, is true), but you also try to be helpful to your clients.


It was a list of 7 main benefits of social media marketing and why it should be a part of your marketing strategy. Netfe wishes you good luck with your business and have a nice day!

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